Scheduled office and shop cleaning interventions

Realdre@m is the cleaning company based in Malo, in the province of Vicenza, which works side by side with professionals, shops and companies, guaranteeing always clean and sanitised work environments. While providing different basic services depending on the specific commercial activity, our staff will carry out each intervention with the utmost accuracy, speed and efficiency.


We are also available for special cleaning services after corporate events (parties, inaugurations, etc …).


Contact the office to find out about the different offers available, bearing in mind that, by choosing us as a partner of your business, you will be able to benefit from strong discounts on the final price.

Why us?

Service carried out quickly and professionally

Different services depending on the activity

Discounts on the final price for our partners

Washing of windows and showcases

Unlike cleaning interventions for offices, those relating to shops and commercial activities involve the complete washing of the windows and showcases as the first step.


Especially for shops directly facing the street, this activity is essential to convey an image of quality and elegance.


Our operators will then take care of polishing the mirrors located inside the room, completely removing dust from the shelves, washing the floors and sanitising the rooms.

Workstation disinfection

The Realdre@m company in Malo operates throughout the province of Vicenza by providing cleaning services for offices as well as professional and commercial activities.


The standard operations include the complete disinfection of the workstations, the sanitation of any type of surface, from parquet to carpet, the removal of dust and the sanitisation of bathrooms.

Customised solutions

Knowing the needs of our customers very well, we have developed a series of promotional packages which would allow you to save money and ensure scheduled cleaning interventions for offices or shops over time.


Our business offers start from standard packages of 15/25 hours per month up to premium solutions of 45/75 hours per month, up to a maximum of 99 hours per month.

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