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Realdre@m is a company of promotional communication and services; the company policy of Realdre@m participates in the socio-cultural and environmental well-being of its employees and of those who approach it asking for a service.

Realdre@m bases its corporate ideal on the following pillars:

employee promotion;

personal and group initiative;


continuous training;

physical and moral safety at work.

Realdre@m is a participative company that values everyone’s contribution.

Realdre@m in agreement with its partners takes care of updating and training its employees, appreciates the dynamism and the spirit of initiative in the interest of the company.


Realdre@m firmly believes in the value and contribution that each individual employee and collaborator can make by promoting their spirit of initiative, curiosity and the ability to anticipate events in order to achieve great results.


Realdre@m encourages its employees or collaborators to express their potential within the framework of shared objectives. It supports teamwork and offers employees the opportunity to grow within the company.


Realdre@m provides a healthy and safe environment, in compliance with the laws and regulations on safety, as well as with the hygiene and sanitary standards.


Relations between people are clear and set to the utmost mutual respect for privacy.

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